Prayer of An Insomniac

Prayer of An Insomniac

“O ever-evasive sleep!
Embrace me with thy petal-soft hands
With all-conquering force of heaven;
Captivate this soul with thy glorious vision
Of eternity and unprecedented joy.
Or let me taste thy nightmarish caffeine
That triumphs over countless mortal like
Treacherous demons haunting fragile fairies.
Or take my hands as a lovelorn lover who
Lost the love-knot of enchanted numbness
That can siege the citadel of lassitude.
Let me loiter through thy endless tunnels
For innumerable millennia, forgetting any
Fiendish glee or mental inferno of grief-stricken
Expand thy horizon beyond the vastness
Of my hapless pair of half-shut eyes and
Penetrate deep into my frazzle heart
Fraught with yawning ravines; then Slumber
undisturbed for eternity will creep into my wizened,
wearisome soul. “



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Treacherous demons haunting fragile fairies
Treacherous demons haunting fragile fairies

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