The Lake Isle of Innisfree by Y. B. Yeats

Theme of the Poem

প্রিয় শিক্ষার্থী বন্ধু, এই মডেল Theme গুলো কখনোই মুখস্ত করার জন্য নয়। বরং কবিতাটির Theme বুঝার জন্য। তুমি পরীক্ষায় লেখার জন্য অবশ্যই এগুলো মুখস্ত করবে না, বরং, এগুলো পড়ে নিজের মত করে একটি লিখবে। প্রয়োজনে, বাসায় নিজের মত করে লিখে সেটি শিক্ষককে দেখাবে। তারপর সেটি সংশোধন করে পরীক্ষায় লিখবে। কিন্তু কখনোই, অন্যের লেখা হুবহু লিখবে না। এতে তোমার মেধা বিকাশের পথ শুরুতেই রুদ্ধ হয়ে যাবে। The Lake Isle of Innisfree by Y. B. Yeats এর কয়েকটি Theme নিচে দেয়া হল।

Model Theme 1 (Level : Easily Suitable for Most HSC Students)

The main theme of the poem is the poet’s longing for peace and tranquility. The poet wants to go to Innisfree, a place devoid of the chaos and commotion of daily life. He wants to be in touch with nature to achieve the peace and calmness he desires. And he is certain that he will be able to lead a peaceful life being in touch with nature if he lives alone in Innisfree. He prefers nature to city to live in because he knows that only nature can bring peace and harmony to man. That is why the poet wants to escape from city life to Innisfree, a peaceful and beautiful place, and build his dream home there.

written by M.Ghaji

Model Theme 2 (Level : Undergraduate or High Performing HSC Students)

The main theme of the poem is the speaker’s quest for unruffled serenity in the lap of nature. The speaker desires to live in a small hut near the lake isle of Innisfree abandoning the troubling bustles of city life. Since nature has profuse healing power, he wants to turn his turbulent heart into a peaceful one, being in touch with every object of nature- from buzzing bees to fluttering birds. The tranquil aura and the enshrouded beauty of the lake will bring long-cherished peace to his disturbed soul. The desire to attain this exhilarating calmness is so intense in him that the sound of the lake whispers into the speaker’s heart. At the time of trouble, he revives past memories of the lake he has in his heart to get utmost consolation.

written by Night-in-Gale

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HSC First Paper পরীক্ষার জন্য English For Today (Class 11-12) বইয়ের আরো কবিতার theme পড়তে ক্লিক কর এখানে।.

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